Top Drone/ Aerial photography Companies in India

real-estate-panorama-photography-indiaPixelDo is an interactive media agency, which is at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in the innovative use of digital photography. PixelDo is providing interactive solutions for tourism, real estate, primary industries, journalism, sports media, and documentation purposes among a raft of others. PixelDo is providing services of Drone photography in India, which is consumed and appreciated by many hotels and real estate groups.

PixelDo has done several projects of aerial photography in India for real estate virtual tours services projects and majorly in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Many infrastructure groups have used aerial photography services of Pixel do to capture the vastness of their projects.

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4 Essential Tips for Better Product Photography

camera-antiqueDo you own a restaurant or any business and wish to feature your own products on your website, flyers or any other material? What you need is professional product photography services. These services not only ensure the best shots are taken but that your business is perfectly captured in the photos. All in all, if you wish to do it on your own, there are a few things you must to do ensure you get the best shots.


Regardless of how powerful your camera is or how amazing your products are, poor lighting can easily tarnish the results. Lighting is the most important factor in photography. How great the lighting is will make a huge difference in the final output. When it comes to food photography (food fotografie), don’t just rely on natural light. Use reflectors and invest in gradient reflections on your products.

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Should You Get A Professional Wedding Photographer?

j-u-l-i-a-s-e-b-a-s-t-i-a-a-n-726A Visual Heritage

One of the biggest reasons, even if you don’t value photography yourself is that it is a visual heritage to pass on to your family. I know my own parents didn’t have wedding photographs as they married before I was born. Sadly I never got to see what they looked like or what happened. Wedding photography has moved on significantly since the digital revolution happened and there are many creative styles on offer.

Creative Style

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Get the most from your butterfly hunt

indexMy favorite recipe for a successful nature photograph is to pick a well-known subject and portray it in a different way. Our photographs receive the most attention if the viewer can easily identify the subject and it is our technique that makes him look again and again. Butterflies are some of the most widely known and easily recognizable animals in the world, but few have seen these creatures though a macro lens. Their active behavior, irregular flying pattern and a large circle of safety are just some of the reasons, making them a difficult target. However, if everything goes right, the results can be very rewarding.

Like with most nature subjects, timing is the crucial factor. Some truly wonderful butterfly photographs can be taken before dawn, when their metabolic rate is very low making them practically motionless. At that time most of them are well hidden from their nocturnal predators, so you need to look very carefully as you walk across the meadows of your local park. They can be found anywhere from the ground to the tree branches and trunks. With folded wings their camouflage design makes them quite difficult to find. However, when found, they will reward you with images of beautiful specimens, decorated with morning dew, posing for you patiently during those last windless moments.

Soon after sunrise butterflies spread their wings wide ready to absorb heat and start feeding. During that period your lens will still not disturb them, even within a few inches. Moreover, they will remain still for several minutes giving you enough time to set a tripod and all light reflectors/diffusers that you may need. Just avoid bumping the tripod legs against the twig that the insect is sunbathing on, since this most likely will trigger some desperate escape such as free fall to the ground. A focusing rail is very helpful in repositioning the camera without moving the tripod legs. I find the Novoflex Mini Focusing Rail quite sufficient for a 35mm camera. For more information on focusing rails see Getting Up-Close, Outdoor Photographer August 1995 by Joseph Meehan.

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